4 Reasons to Get Funded Now


So many of life’s luxuries and conveniences are because entrepreneurs have Dreamt BIG. Their goals and visions drive creativity, innovation and growth, but to make it a reality, an entrepreneur must have a tank full of grit, courage and determination.

At FUNDSITION we look for business owners that demonstrate these core qualities, our job is to provide the support and infrastructure so they have the best possible chance of succeeding with their BIG Dream.

4 Reasons to Get Funded Now

Extend Your Runway

Equity funding buys more time as there are no obligations and repayments in the immediate future. It will strengthen your balance sheet and give you the cash and time you need to rebuild your business without compromising resources to get things done.Raising capital with private investors also provides room to breathe when it comes to repaying anything. Compared to bank loans, raising capital doesn’t require monthly repayment and there are no interest costs.  As a result your cash flow will be stronger and can support reinvestment in products, hiring more talent or extending your operations to capture new market opportunities. Selling equity is certainly a tradeoff worth exploring. 

Improve Your Business Model  

It’s likely your business has experienced massive disruption in recent months and your revenues and profits have been impacted. This will pass.  Now is the time to drill down on the key components of your business model, particularly your offers. The better your offers, the more relevant you will be to your customers right now. And the better chance of generating revenue growth again. This process takes time, energy and some investment – especially with your marketing messages and positioning.  Now is a great time to rethink your brand, positioning and offers to rebuild some of those lost connections and ramp up your momentum.  

Scale-up Much Faster

When you’re trying to grow via organic revenues and profits or small loans here and there you may eventually (one day) be able to reboot the business. In the meantime, a competitor with access to more cash and resources than you may come into the market and pull your audience and maybe your customers away. These, more traditional slower forms of building up more free cash flow to reinvest could mean missed opportunities that otherwise would have easily been captured by your business. 
In contrast, private investors like to provide much larger cash infusions upfront so you can scale up to a more visible operation size and add the necessary resources to get things done. Timing is everything in business, don’t miss yours. 

Receive Assistance with Managing Risk and Strategic Direction

Once the investment is placed everyone is along for the ride now…so you will benefit from connections with very seasoned business people who understand risk, strategy and tough decisions. With a large investment and the promise of a good return on the line, private investors are happy to build those connections and accelerate your results. Many may even give you hands on help to guide their own investment to success. This can be so beneficial when a founder lacks expertise on certain areas such as team growth and development or finances and operations. Just the ability to help troubleshoot these areas should be embraced by any savvy founder.   


Business entrepreneurship is in our DNA, we know first hand the pain points and frustrations, but time and experience has given us the knowledge to help and support other entrepreneurs on their unique journey.

We’ve created a fully integrated ecosystem and platform that has digitised funding and investing for the better.

Less friction, less cost, more opportunity.

Better for the entrepreneur and better for the investor!

We bring:

  • Business strategy and advisory
  • Commercial acumen
  • Financial acumen
  • Marketing and media experience
  • Technology experience

Entrepreneurs, want to learn more? Click on the Funding Support button to book a call with one of our team, might be the best business decision you’ve ever made!