Our ability to bring growth businesses to the market and match them with investors, is our contribution to supporting growth and success for Australian Small to Medium Enterprises and our economy.

Over the next decade we should see a material shift in business ownership as the next generation make their way into leadership and ownership roles. These new owners are embracing technology and are more connected to their customers than ever before. The innovation that is penetrating the SME market in Australia is very progressive, however, they often run into brick walls because access to capital is limited and therefore, growth stagnates.

Equity Crowdfunding flips the old capital markets model on its head by centralising the investment opportunity onto one platform and defining clear outcomes for the business. It also brings more speed and energy into the capital raising process as the investment opportunity can now be marketed and advertised, especially with digital and social channels. This is a sweeping global trend that is not going away any time soon. .

At FUNDSITION, we’re helping these business owners get access to funding in a frictionless, simple and cost effective manner, presenting an opportunity for a company to grow and maximise its value.

So the big advantage with the introduction of the Crowd-Sourced Funding (CSF) legislation is that it provides a new class of retail and SMSF investors to take advantage of these growing companies.

These new investors may actually be customers, suppliers or general partners to these businesses and they are quite often the most ideal beneficiaries of  their owners transition – Funding transition.

For investors wanting to participate in this new asset class, there has been a lack of information and a dedicated SME Equity Crowdfunding platform. But now with FUNDSITION, investors can easily access the right information and a committed platform to this exciting sector.

The Team

A great team is built on trust, rigour, discipline and a blend of skills that compliment each other, plus all members are aligned to a set of values and a common vision.

FUNDSITION was founded on that mandate, we have been stewards of SMEs throughout our entire working careers and are now able to support this exciting new world of capital raising and investing.

We have:

  • A deep understanding and experience in the Equity Crowdfunding marketplace and legislative requirements
  • A track record of establishing, scaling and selling SMEs
  • A deep understanding of the decision making drivers of the business owner
  • Experience in working with businesses on strategies for optimising and growing their businesses
  • Extensive experience in marketing and media

Nigel Abbott


Nigel has been involved in startup and early-stage companies for most of his career and understands first-hand the frustration SMEs experience with accessing capital and the burden it places on growth. He brings a breadth and depth of experience in marketing, media, technology and product/service development across numerous industries in Australia, USA and Japan.

He has had some successful exits, the most recent was a video media channel for SMEs, with a simple mandate to build a global library of educational content that empowers SMEs.
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Nikolas Ahkin


Nikolas brings his 15+ years experience in helping small to medium enterprises through their challenges and turning their businesses into assets. Having run his own successful accounting and advisory practice for 7 years he understands first hand the frustration businesses experience with cash flow and access to finance to grow their business.
He brings his experiences as a Chartered Accountant into FUNDSITION with knowledge and experience with corporate structuring, cash flow and funding, financial modelling, valuation and advising clients on the buy side and sell side of the transaction.
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Steve McLean

Chairman, Investment Committee & Non-Executive Director

Steve has extensive experience in capital markets having raised in excess of $50bn across numerous global jurisdictions. Steve is a Director of The FinClear Group, one of FUNDSITION’s major shareholders, and Chairs the FUNDSITION Investment Committee. Steve’s career included capital markets executive roles at JPMorgan in Sydney and London.
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Nathan Ryu

Education Director

Nathan founded two successful companies in Australia’s education industry with a combined turnover of $40m. The businesses were responsible for qualifying in excess of 20,000 people with nationally recognised qualifications through ASQA. Nathan brings a deep understanding of how to create and deliver high value revenue generating products and services to the SME and corporate sectors both locally here in Australia and internationally.
He currently sits on an established education technology company board based in the United States and advised some of the previous Federal Government education and innovation ministers on international industry planning, forecasting and budgeting.
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