Digital Cap Table - Share Registry

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Why you should be thinking about your Cap Table now!

FUNDSITION has launched its FREE Cap Table and Registry

It’s never too early in the process of building a company to start managing the capitalisation table (otherwise known as a cap table). It’s a detailed platform recording all of the information regarding shareholders and the equity owned in the company, a well-managed cap table will become essential to long term success. Even if you’re thinking that your company does not need to keep such detailed records early on, understanding its importance may change your mind. So what are the benefits:

  • An easy to use centralised digital platform that verifies a company
  • Shareholder records are easily kept up to date
  • Shareholders are notified and can manage their own personalised dashboard and include their own companies
  • Cap table at a glance
  • Document storage
  • Calendar for key company meetings
  • Brings a level of professionalism and compliance to your company
  • You are prepared for future funding
  • Ultimately saves time, money and resources, both now and into the future
  • Your data is safe and secure
  • Once investors are KYC/AML verified, their securities can be digitised

It’s has other valuable functions

  • As secondary trading draws closer, your digitised securities will be ready
  • The platform also manages:
    • Options
    • Loans
    • Warrants
    • Promissory Notes
  • ASIC integration for updating ASIC’s records (coming shortly)