Helping manage better

Digital Cap Table

Helping companies do better with our Free Cap Table

It’s never too early in the process of building a company to start managing the capitalisation table (otherwise known as a cap table).

It’s a detailed platform recording all of the information regarding shareholders and the equity owned in the company, a well-managed cap table will become essential to long term success.

We are making it easier to make a difference for your shareholders and your company.

Helping you manage better:

  • An easy to use centralised digital platform that verifies a company
  • Shareholder records are easily kept up to date
  • Shareholders are notified and can manage their own personalised dashboard and include their own companies
  • Cap table at a glance
  • Document storage
  • Calendar for key company meetings
  • Brings a level of professionalism and compliance to your company
  • You are prepared for future funding
  • Ultimately saves time, money and resources, both now and into the future
  • Your data is safe and secure
  • Once investors are KYC/AML verified, their securities can be digitised

It’s has other valuable functions

  • As secondary trading draws closer, your digitised securities will be ready
  • The platform also manages:
    • Options
    • Loans
    • Warrants
    • Promissory Notes

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