How Equity Crowdfunding Works

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Equity Crowdfunding for an SME

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Equity Crowdfunding for an Investor

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Education Articles

Equity Funding packs a Punch to Debt

The financial reality of business can often be confronting for most SMEs. It's not until you run a business you start to realise that what they say is true “Growth sucks Cash”. The balance sheet for established SMEs can sometimes include a disproportionate amount of debt capital. If this debt remains unpaid over time, it will start to have a negative impact on growth, that’s because more cash is needed to service debts. Overtime there is less cash available for the business to invest in other growth opportunities. This is why equity funding is so valuable and why more business owners need to seriously consider it as an alternative to bank finance.

Private Equity Funding versus Equity Crowdfunding

Crowd-Sourced Funding (CSF) allows SMEs to raise capital and promote their business at the same time. With so many great businesses out there in the marketplace, it's frustrating to learn that most small to medium businesses never get access to the funding they need to grow, become more successful and reach their full potential.