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Accountant’s Opportunity

FUNDSITION has partnered with ESS BIZTOOLS to support accountants that may require capital raising services for their clients.

For a company that’s ready to raise capital today, or it’s an event they may be transitioning to, we offer an array of services that can support your clients.

From Equity Crowdfunding to Wholesale Funding, managing a Cap Table and investors, Free Funding Tools, plus specialised Advisory Services, we have a very comprehensive ecosystem.

The traditional problem that small to medium enterprises face when growing their business is access to capital, they’ve historically gone to the banks and they generally require property-backed lending, which can be extremely challenging, especially in todays environment.

The advantage of the FUNDSITION platform, is that you’re actually able to introduce a new class of retail investors class and some of those potential investors you may know and have already dealt with the business. So one of the big advantages is that a business can turn their customers into investors, their investors into customers, and create advocacy within their marketplace.

So, all of that goodwill that has been generated is actually recognised by customers and staff and you’re able to leverage this to create a smooth transition with growing the value of the company for all shareholders. Of course, this is just one of the many examples of how it could work for their business.

We are more than an Equity Funding platform

Our goal is to support companies on their funding journey so they can reach their full potential. The funding journey doesn’t stop with one capital raise, we are here to support businesses through ongoing transitions.

We bring:

  • A depth of Capital Markets experience – understanding your current and future capital requirements and the best approach
  • Financial acumen – this supports you with better understanding your business financials, the levers to pull for optimising and forward planning
  • Marketing and media – how to best leverage marketing for you business, the capital raise and utilising investors as your marketing ambassadors
  • Technology –  evaluation of your tech stack, integrations and gaps

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