Funding for SME’s

Funding for SME’s


The Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) market is made up of 97% of all Australian businesses and is widely known to be the engine room of our economy. Up until recently, it has been difficult for the average SME to grow their business without using a bank loan.

However, that has all changed with the Australian Government introducing an exciting piece of legislation (CSF), this allows companies to access a new class of funding to drive their growth strategy and realise their full potential.

It’s called Crowd-Sourced Funding and also known as Equity Crowdfunding. It’s been hugely successful in countries like the UK and it’s now available to the Australian SME market.

FUNDSITION has a Financial Services Licence (AFSL #512643) and can operate a CSF intermediary platform.

Over the next decade we will see a material shift in business ownership as the next generation make their way into leadership and ownership roles. These new owners are embracing technology and are more connected to their customers than ever before. The innovation that is penetrating the SME market in Australia is very progressive, however, they often run into brick walls because access to capital is limited and therefore, growth stagnates.

Equity Crowdfunding flips the old capital markets model on its head by centralising the investment opportunity onto one platform and defining clear outcomes for the business. It also brings more speed and energy into the capital raising process as the investment opportunity can now be marketed and advertised, especially with digital and social channels. This is a sweeping global trend that is not going away any time soon.


The introduction of CSF allows companies with revenue and net tangible assets under $25 million to raise up to $5 Million of capital per annum from retail investors via an intermediary platform:

  • Retail investors can invest $10K per Offer Company (Issuer) per annum
  • The intermediary platform must have an Australian Financial Services Licence
  • No restrictions for sophisticated investors
  • Offers can be advertised
  • Foreign investment allowed

Watch the video to learn how it works for a company….


We are currently looking to fund SMEs with proven track records and have a defined growth strategy to present to potential investors. We are industry agnostic and can fund any established business incorporated in Australia.


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