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Preparing your business for investors can seem quite daunting and where do you start?

We have created a pitch deck template to help you with the content structure, which is based on what an investor would need to review. Once you have completed the deck, feel free to submit it to us and we would be happy to give you some valuable feedback.

If you are confident that your business is investable now and would like to prepare a more comprehensive document, then we recommend you use our free Offer Doc creator. The template is what ASIC require when you are raising funds through an Equity Crowdunding platform, it’s call an Offer Document.

We have simplified the process by creating fields that you can fill out and upload the other critical information that is required, you can save and edit the document.

Investor Deck Template

Your pitch deck is one of the most important tools when trying to attract investors. While the information contained in it may vary depending on which stage of operation or funding your company is on, the pitch deck should be able to present important information in a tone that reflects the personality of your business.

We have created an investor deck template for you to use, can can review below. If you would like the template then and you can instantly access by filling out the form below.