Increased Opportunity

Trans Pacific Ecosystem

FUNDSITION has developed a comprehensive ecosystem to ensure a company can be supported with growth capital and specialised services to reach its full potential.

Equity Funding Australia
  • Equity CrowdFunding – AFSL CSF Intermediary
  • Wholesale Funding – s708
  • Conducted through the FUNDSITION platform
  • Private label also available for your raise
Equity Funding US
  • FUNDSITION US launching soon
  • Funding through Reg D 506c exemption
  • Affiliate of registered Broker Dealer
  • Ability to raise funds from Accredited US investors for Australian companies through exemption 506c
Investor Base
  • FUNDSITION investor database
  • FinClear wealth network database
  • US Broker Dealer investor database
  • Advertising and media to drive campaign awareness
Cap Table and Registry Services
  • Free Cap Table management platform
    • Shareholder records are easily kept up to date
    • An easy to use centralised platform that verifies a company
    • Equities can be tokenised via our KORECHAIN application for secondary trading
  • Registry services
    • ASIC updates
    • Investor relations with E-voting
Specialised Advisory Services
  • Business model evaluation – stage of development
  • Growth strategies with capital deployment 
  • Finances and financial modelling    
  • Corporate structuring
  • Branding, marketing, advertising and media