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Integrated Funding Solution

We take all the hard work out of raising capital for companies that are making a difference.

FUNDSITION is excited to offer its fully integrated capital raising solution for companies looking to grow, a first for Australia.

If you are considering raising capital from investors using s708, you will need to have an entity that is capable of receiving investment and managing the interests of the entity and the investors. 

You can review the full guidelines for raising capital under s708 here

You need to also ensure that the actual investment process is compliant with the regulations and you have a facility to manage your shareholders via a cap table / registry after they have invested.

KYC and AML, you may have heard of these and they are a very important component of the investment process. Verifying your investors identity and conducting the anti-money laundering check has become the standard and there are no excuses when it comes to ASIC.

In addition, you will need a document that proves an investor is a sophisticated investor and has met the criteria.

Helping companies do better

We offer a fully integrated digital solution for companies, which includes:

  • Customising your Offer, you have the option to showcase your Offer on our compliant website, you provide the content and we’ll design your Offer campaign from start to finish. Then share it with your network and other potential sophisticated investors
  • A compliant capital raising platform to manage the investor application process (KYC, AML, Payment)Seamless integration to a digital cap table / registry platform, allowing you to manage your current and future shareholders
  • Sophisticated investor certificate upload
  • Accepts foreign investment (you determine which countries)
  • Data room
  • Securities are digitised
  • Cost effective

If you would like to learn more to see how we can help you make a difference, simply click the button below and you can choose how to connect with us.