Investor Benefits

Your investment platform allows you to choose businesses you feel passionate about and be part of their progress as they grow – it’s the simplest way to gain part-ownership of a business.

It involves investing in return for equity and if the business succeeds, then the value of the company will increase and the shares owned, will be worth more than what was initially invested.

If it then makes an exit at a higher value than invested, investors receive a return on their investment.

More Investment Opportunities

What was once reserved for the wealthy has now opened and yes, we have a level investing playing field. For example, our platform allows you to invest in companies prior to an IPO, merged or are sold.

Australia has the 3rd largest Superannuation pool in the world, with $750 billion in SMSFs and around 22% in cash, our platform provides some excellent investment opportunities for these funds, SMSFs can provide the patient capital required to support the growth of these established SMEs that require the funding to maximise their valuation, its a win win.

How many times have you heard a story about a shooting star business at a BBQ and thinking to yourself, I wish I part of the action. With our platform, now you can participate.

You are an owner

It's not always about the return. Investors can drive long term advocacy, engagement and loyalty. Business owners can now call on the crowd for feedback, comments and ideas, which are important in the growth and development of that business.

Angels and VCs bring their expertise, but the crowd brings customers and fans.

Capital Growth & Spreading Risk

Over the last 30 years asset prices have grown much higher than wages for the majority of people. Giving people an opportunity to invest in companies that are the potential growth stories of the future, will help close the pricing and affordability gap.

Imagine purchasing shares in Google or Amazon when they were standard SMEs turning over a few million dollars per year. CSF opens up the market to millions more potential investors from a variety of backgrounds.

Spreading the risks. Equity Crowdfunding investors come in from a larger pool of people investing at lower levels, thus, lowering the overall risk and exposure for the investor.