Investor Benefits

Your investment can make a difference

We help socially conscious investors do better by providing investment opportunities in companies that are making a difference, that are focused on making the world a better place.

Our job is to focus on the right companies doing the right thing and then help them realise their full potential with guidance and mentoring.

We want their success to be your success, the process involves investing in return for equity and if the business succeeds and can make a difference, then the value of the company will increase and the shares owned.

If it then makes an exit at a higher value than invested, investors receive a return on their investment.

Your investment could help a company do better and make the world a better place.

More Investment Opportunities

What was once reserved for a select few has now opened up to a broad investor base.

Investing in unlisted companies is growing globally, especially with improved technology and regulations. This means more companies are now looking to this as a viable option to support their growth, our job is to help companies that want to make a difference.

We introduce the right socially conscious investors to the right socially conscious investment opportunities. We like to think we’re making perfect matches because together they’re making the world a better place.

You are an Owner

It's not always about the return, investing in companies that you feel are doing the right thing and making a difference can be very rewarding.

Investors can drive long term advocacy, engagement and loyalty. You are part of that companies journey and your investment and advocacy is helping them do better.

Capital Growth & Spreading Risk

Over the last 30 years asset prices have grown much higher than wages for the majority of people. Investing in unlisted companies is giving people an opportunity to be part of potential growth stories and companies that are making a difference.

Spreading the risks. With Equity Crowdfunding, investors come in from a larger pool of people and generally investing at lower levels, thus, lowering the overall risk and exposure for the investor.