Investor Process

We make it easier for investors to make a difference

The following information applies for an Equity Crowdfunding Offer.

It starts with a company doing an Expression of Interest (EOI), the purpose of this is to build up some interest or what we call social currency. It’s important to register your interest at this stage if you like the company and how it is making a difference.

When in the actual Offer stage and an Offer Company has interest for you, then it’s important to you read the Offer document as it discloses what you need to know in making a decision.

Our fully integrated investor solution makes the application to invest and mange your investment seamless.

The process works like this:

EOI Stage

  • If you like the company while it’s in the EOI stage, make sure you register your interest
  • You will be kept up to date with its progress

CSF Offer Stage

  • An Offer will be open for a specific period of time (90 days maximum)
  • The Offer Company sets a minimum and maximum target (subscription) it would like to raise
  • The Offer must reach the minimum subscription in the timeframe to be deemed successful

  • You apply for a specific number of shares in the Offer company
  • The shares are Ordinary shares
  • You can invest as an individual, as a company or with a SMSF or a Trust
    • If you are a retail investor it is capped at $10,000
    • There is no cap for sophisticated investors
  • You will go through a KYC (know your customer) process, this means you will need to provide some ID to verify your details
  • You will need to transfer funds to pay for the shares
  • The funds are held in a trust account to protect the investor

  • Once the Offer is deemed successful, you will receive shares in the company and provided with a share certificate
  • Your shares will be managed via a Cap Table / registry, FUNDSITION provides this for the Offer Companies
  • You will then own equity in the company and be part of their journey going forward

There are some regulations to protect you, see below:
  • Retail clients will be limited to investing $10,000 per fundraiser via a particular platform within a 12-month period ($10k per company per year, but an unlimited number of companies is allowed)
  • Retail clients will have a 5 business day cooling off period to withdraw their acceptances under Equity Crowdfunding Offers
  • If the Offer isn’t successful because the minimum subscription was reached, your funds will be returned to you

Your investment could help a company do better by reaching its full potential and making the world a better place.