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Hi, I’m Lorraine, Founder of FoodSt.

Thank you for taking an interest in FoodSt as we build Australia’s largest community for home cooked food. Our mission is to empower people and their communities through the goodness of home cooking.

I started FoodSt in 2015 out of personal frustration. As a busy working parent with little time to cook, I was struggling to find a high quality, wholesome everyday meal solution that I trusted to feed my family. What started as an idea to buy meals from my neighbour quickly snowballed into a concept to connect passionate home cooks with busy people, enabling cooks to earn an income and consumers to access great home cooked food.

Since then we have served over 28,000 meals on dinner tables across Sydney and empowered over 100 cooks to share their meals with others.

We’re a company driven by community so it’s only natural that it’s powered by it too – we’re opening a part of FoodSt for you to own and we want you to be on the journey with us.



Making home cooked food accessible and convenient

FoodSt is an online platform that connects passionate home cooks with busy households across Sydney.

FoodSt empowers home cooks to create and share their authentic home cooked meals from around the world, whilst providing busy households with access to delicious and healthy everyday meal options. Our community of cooks make delicious, generous meals in small batches and to family recipes, freshly frozen and then delivered to consumers.

For the cooks, FoodSt provides the logistics, marketing and business support to sell their food to customers, allowing them to focus on what they do best.



Business Highlights

Regulatory Approval
Successfully influenced policy in NSW to allow cooks to sell from home.

Scalable Business
Proven scalable infrastructure and systems.

Product Market Fit
Breakout year 2021, with strong acquisition and retention metrics.

High Calibre Team
Experienced Directors and highly skilled team.



How It Works

1. FoodSt Cooks prepare and freeze meals at home. Meals are collected weekly and stored at FoodSt HQ.

2. Customers browse and order on the website from our range of 110+ menu items.

3. Orders are picked and packed and delivered to customers homes by a 3rd Party courier.



FoodSt Cooks and Food Safety

Meet Our Cooks
Every cook has a unique story and journey with food, united by their passion for sharing their traditional recipes. With 30 cuisines available to choose from, FoodSt connects with communities in a truly authentic way.

Food Safety
FoodSt engaged with the NSW State Regulator, various legal teams and advisors to build the platform over the past 5 years, with a firm understanding of policy and a position that allows us to operate within regulatory frameworks.

FoodSt’s systems and processes have been developed in collaboration with the NSW Food Authority and specialist lawyers and consultants, ensuring for the highest levels of safety and quality across our entire business. We are continuously auditing and improving our quality and safety systems.

All cooks hold valid Food Safety Supervisor Certificates. Cooks are screened and all meals quality tested.


Business Model

FoodSt operates a two-sided platform, enabling the business to scale and adapt to meet demand.

On the Supply side, our home cooks create over 100 different meals that are available to purchase on the platform.

On the Demand side, customers can browse and choose their meals that are then packed and delivered through a 3rd party courier.

FoodSt takes a 20% – 40% fee on all meals sold on the platform.



Market Opportunity

Australians continue to increase their spend on food & food services, with a growth of 10.2% from 2019 to 2020.

With a movement away from traditional grocery stores for meal solutions, the size of the Grocery Alternative Market has grown to $25.3bn, with $581m of this is prepared meals (ready meals).

Consumer trends to demonstrate the future growth opportunity:

Consumers increasingly use eCommerce to purchase essential goods. Rapid acceleration of online shopping adoption due to COVID19.

Buy Local & Sustainable
Consumers want to support their community, and desire products that are ethically sourced.

Consumers embrace products and services that save them time. 52% of Australians are not interested in cooking at home.

Lorraine Gnanadickam

Founder & Director

Ex-chef, passionate home cook and over 20 years in commercial roles within Medical and Pharmaceutical industries. Named Top 50 Small Business Leader 2018.
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Sanjay Gnanadickam


Over 25 years working in the Telco, Technology & Financial Payments industries for companies like PayPal, Western Union & Optus.
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Ed Burton

Head of Growth

Paul Rawlingson

Head of Operations

Michelle Sursok

Cooks Community Manager

Charlie Robbins

Content Marketing Specialist


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