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M. Leisure Properties – Expression of Interest

Please note this information is provided as an expression of interest – if you are interested, then simply register below and you will be notified when the Offer goes live.


One of the most difficult things to do in life is to put your hand out and ask for HELP. As a Freemason, I am now asking all Victorian Freemasons to HELP our committee and our fraternity.

I was recently told by my District Coordinator that 88% of young Freemasons joining the craft, leave within 6 months. Although our membership is growing, our average age is in the mid sixties. The loss of these young joining members is very concerning. It is not just a problem for the lodges that initiate these good men into the craft, it is a loss to Freemasonry.

In my situation, I have four sons. I was very proud when one son joined the craft at the age of 30. He has a loving, supportive wife and two young children. They are a two income family with a mortgage, car finance, a child in school, and the youngest in day care. He has been in the craft for over a year and works hard at his ritual, enjoys the meetings, and will eventually progress into the Masters Chair. Although his wife supports him in his Masonic journey, she has mentioned on many occasions that the fraternity has nothing to offer young families.

With this in mind and after much discussion, I joined with fellow Freemasons to form a committee and address these concerns, the L. Property Purchase Committee.

Tony Matern

Our purpose is to offer holiday destinations to young families, senior brethren, Masonic families, Masonic widows and friends. To this end, we have sourced two holiday properties that are ideal for this purpose.

All lodge members in Victoria will be able to take advantage of these properties and inviting non Masonic guests to these properties will also give us the opportunity to increase our membership.

To achieve our goal, we need your support

By investing in the project, you will help to enable the growth of membership to the craft. Our committee is very confident that after the purchase of these two properties, the 88% ratio of disheartened Freemasons will drop.

As our early Masonic Members pooled their funds to purchase land and build temples, we now need to do the same in 2019.

I am a 64 year old Freemason, happily married, and love the craft. I do not need to purchase blocks of shares, but for the benefit of the craft, I will be purchasing blocks of shares for the benefit of seeing our fraternity grow.

My fellow committee members will also purchase blocks of shares, again because they love their craft and see this as a very important initiative.

Although this is not an initiative of the Grand Lodge of Victoria, I am hoping that Grand Lodge members will purchase blocks of shares, as will all Freemasons. The cost of shares may seem high, but as our Masonic forefathers did over hundred years ago, they raised funds to provide the buildings we have today.

If you are as passionate about the Craft as we are, please consider purchasing a block of shares, even if you are in the later stage of your Masonic journey, become recognised as a Founding donor and help us to get the job done. Let’s give these young Masonic families and senior members outstanding holiday destinations to enjoy, plus our Masonic widows a meeting venue.

Our goal is to raise $4,992,000 for the purchase of both Currawong Lodge and St Patrick’s Boutique Hotel and give back to our members for all the hard work they do for Freemasonry, while getting our Masonic brand back into the community.

Remember, individual Lodges can purchase blocks of shares and advertise the Holiday Properties as part of their membership drive. Again, we will accept any amount donated towards the capital raising and the committee will pool these amounts into blocks of shares.

The properties in brief



Currawong Lodge at Dinner Plain is located just a few minutes drive from the premier ski resort of Mt Hotham. Apart from world-class skiing in the winter, the warmer months offers horse riding, mountain bike riding, fly-fishing and a stunning natural sight-seeing environment.

It offers:

  •  Fabulous Alpine Chalet style accommodation
  •  Ensuites to all rooms (30 beds)
  •  An expansive living zone with open fire
  •  Drying room, games room and spa room
  •  Huge fully equipped kitchen


St. Patrick’s Convent Boutique Hotel is a historic Victorian property surrounded by beautiful gardens located just minutes from the beaches and tourist attractions of Warrnambool and Port Fairy, it offers:

  • Expansive luxury rooms with ensuite
  • Historic Federation era architecture
  • Minutes from Victoria’s legendary Shipwreck Coast
  • Adjacent to Tower Hill National Park
  • Plans include new swimming pool and conference centre



The M. Leisure Property Committee has undertaken due diligence to ensure both properties are architecturally sound and will service the needs of Masonic families well into the future.

The properties will be offered to brethren as blocks of shares in the Holding Company.

Strictly 1040 blocks of shares only, at $4,800 per block of shares will be offered exclusively to masonic brethren for the use of their family and friends. The funds will be placed in a trust account until minimum subscription is reached.

If we fail to reach our minimum target, the properties will be offered on the open market, our funds will be returned and we will miss our opportunity – so ‘the clock is ticking’.

Our members clearly understand that as an investment, there may be no return for a number of years, but they are investing in the future of the craft.


  • The combined purchase price of the two properties including improvements, stamp duty and other costs, totals $4,992,000
  • The Holding Company will consist of 1040 blocks of shares, each having a value of $4,800.00 per block of shares
  • The shares can only be purchased by Financial Masonic Victorian Members
  • The Holding Company will employ a third party company to manage the operation
  • The Directors of the Holding Company are the Foundation Committee members (should they accept the role)
  • Shares in the Company can always be sold on after the closure of the capital raising, providing they are sold to financial Masonic Members
  • More than one blocks of shares may be purchased by any one member
  • In the event of Death the share can be willed to a family member, but this member or Nominee must be a Freemason or become a Freemason within a period of 3 years
  • Shares cannot be pooled to take over the Holding Company
  • Every 5 years, half the board of directors must resign, allowing the nomination and election of new directors. The following 5 years the second members stand down and if so can nominate again. This gives the directors a period of ten years in the role.
  • Maximum number of directors is 11


Please contact Tony Matern at or on 0447 070 960 to discuss any specific aspects of the Offer.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to joining you for holidays at St.Patricks in Koroit and Currawong Lodge at Dinner Plain.

General CSF Risk Warning (Corporations Regulations Reg 6D.3A.10)

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