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The future of children’s edutainment on one easy to use digital platform

At StarTime, we teach creative learning to kids better than anyone. That means unbelievable workshops designed to inspire children and teachers alike.

Our StarTime team believe creativity makes the world a better place and that’s why we’re committed to delivering world-class creative learning to kids, teachers and organisations, right across Australia and beyond.

From Performing Arts to Robotics, Filmmaking to Mad Science (and everything in between), our courses have inspired over 55,000 children – teaching them new skills, encouraging teamwork and most importantly, giving kids the confidence to realise they can achieve anything.

Founders and Directors – Jo and Lindsay Moss

Since we made a switch to online thanks to COVID, we have opened up an exciting new world of possibilities, we have grown quickly and are ready for our next exciting growth phase – The StarTime platform.


Education Media STEAM Technology

How are we making a difference? – We are creating a digital landscape for children to creatively thrive

40% of internet users are now children, with 62 million kids (globally) going online for the first time in 2018. In Australia, children aged 6-13 years, spent 14.2 hours per week using the internet in 2019. 

More than 70% of that time was spent at home accessing gaming apps, music and video and as a result — online education and entertainment is growing exponentially.

There’s an incredible opportunity to not only respond to kids’ growing online adoption, but to lead. 

StarTime has embraced the power of devices to get kids active and shift them away from mind numbing content. We teach kids how to become filmmakers and animators using Minecraft and Roblox, we’ve sparked interests in magic, helped them practice yoga, beat-box, break-dance and best of all, discover more about themselves.

We created interactive content in a compelling format, and the interest that followed made us realise where our future business model lies. 

Since launching online, we’ve run 229 creative courses and counting, reached over 3,000 families across Australia and have had 19,000 registrations.

We teamed up with large organisations like EY, Westpac, Macquarie, Unilever, NAB, Sanitarium, CBA and Deloitte as they could easily see the value in what we were doing.

We partnered with education and holiday providers, including Camp Australia and the interest continues to grow.

Our pre Covid services / products

Our face to face model grew significantly year on year and although adding online was part of our strategy, the growth consumed us. 

We were delivering:

  • In-schools workshops and film equipment: around 30% of our revenue
  • After school workshops: 25%
  • Corporate holiday workshops: 45%

Once Covid hit, online and interactive was our only option and we quickly pivoted. EY and other corporates championed that along with new clients like Camp Australia.


We are quickly adapting to do better – our growing business model

Our learnings over the past 15 years and more recently with COVID, have led us to the next stage, which we believe is evolutionary.



The StarTime platform

Our strategy is built around two core aspects, the content and the platform.

StarTime’s platform will be tailor made to help kids shine, making sure children and teachers can truly interact. It will be the first real ‘digital classroom’ with improved functionality built around video, sharing, safety, rewards and gamification.



Live and interactive content

StarTime Studios will be a creative world anchored by our own pioneering, live and interactive content.

We plan to continue to expand and develop our premium shows to create a compelling range of workshops to support need and demand. These will be perfected over the next one to three years, supported by packaged content and pre-recorded lessons.

Next Phase of Growth

Market Opportunity

Now more than ever we need to create a safe place for our children to explore, create and share their ideas online. StarTime will be a global platform for children to develop their creativity, collaborate with others and feel part of a supportive, like-minded community.

It’s significant to note StarTime Studios will not just be a platform for our content, our objective is to make it available to all, a marketplace for creative learning to thrive and teachers will be able to amplify their lessons by utilising our unique platform and tools.

Once 1.0 is developed, the intention is to open our platform to South East Asia and India in particular, where we have conducted initial discussions with known contacts. We have already been broadcast across Australia, Malaysia, US and New Zealand.

Over this period, we intend to, where possible; obtain patents and State Education Department approvals for our product; undertake further trials whilst developing the new platform; and continue with production of our edutainment programs, which will be offered for sale to schools, corporates (for their staff’s children) and the consumer by way of subscription and licensing.



Corporate clients

Given our current client list of large national and multinational companies which include EY, NAB, Westpac, Macquarie, Sanitarium, Unilever, Deloitte, Choice and holiday club providers, such as Camp Australia, we expect to grow our income streams in the short term.



Competitor Analysis

The demand for edutainment has been building for years and kids are taking more control over their programming and content they view. While kids are owning more of their choices, parents still want to feel confident about what they are watching, leading to a rise in shows that appeal to both groups. Much of this content has been developed for consumption by children, just look at Sesame workshop, ABC Me, or online education platforms, which are interactive but devoted to more traditional learning such as, Mathletics and Outschool. The success of these platforms gives us confidence in StarTime’s vision.

We are developing a new form of Edu-tainment where children become part of the show and engage in live, interactive learning, online.



Why we want you to help us make a difference through equity crowdfunding

We’re looking for investors and supporters that want to be part of the StarTime global village community, you would be helping us evolve StarTime to a new level and make a real difference in the lives of children. We invite you to be part of our community and together let’s give children an opportunity to be the best they can.

Our shift to online has been accelerated due to COVID and the results have clearly confirmed our global strategy is working and now ready for growth.

We know we can get there quicker with your support and together we can make a real difference by creating the future of children’s edutainment.

Lindsay Moss

Co-Founder and CEO

In the last 20 years, I’ve been lucky enough to build a career in the creative industries. I’ve also been fortunate to see first hand the incredible way passion and creativity can solve almost anything.

I was never great at Maths...that was until I met my year 9 maths teacher. He came to every lesson with a special combination of qualities; he believed in me, he had a passion for Maths and he loved passing on his knowledge. He made ‘excellence’ feel fun and exciting. He inspired me to achieve more than what I was doing and in one term, I went from last to first in the class.

When I was at acting school I saw one of my colleagues perform for the first time. I could not understand why she was there. She was terrible, and you had to audition to get in! In 6 months I saw her flourish into an incredible actress. Never would I judge anyone’s ability again. I realised that through passion, hard work and creativity, you can achieve what you want to achieve.

The best part is every single child has enormous creative gifts. Our job at Startime is to give them the platform to learn, grow and share them with the world.
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Jo Moss

Co-Founder and COO

As a child, I was painfully shy. At the age of six I lacked so much confidence I couldn’t even approach the canteen ladies to buy my lunch. In fact, my Mum was told by the school counsellor that I was so shy that I would probably have a breakdown by the time I left school. They were wrong of course, I have always been very creative and did well in sport, so my confidence grew year-on-year, as I excelled in these fields.

I know first-hand the incredible impact creativity can have on a child’s development. So when Lindsay and I founded StarTime (before I became a mother), I remember the tingles up my spine and the tears it would bring to my eyes to see StarTime kids on stage, so proud of themselves as they embraced their moment to shine.

I love what we do. By giving young people ‘life skills’ and encouraging kids to believe in themselves, we ignite creativity and contribute to a happier and healthier youth.
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