Digital literacy combined with human skills, are vital and a key area of concern for parents and educators.

We need to ensure that the students of today are prepared for the careers of tomorrow.

There is a rapid acceleration of technology in all industries and it is critical that we act now, we need to ensure our students and children are well prepared and future proof. 


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To build a global network of studios that provide project-based learning experiences in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM).


TinkerTank is the original, largest and most-established Tech-Based Makerspace concept in Australia.

They are different from your usual school, as they teach robotics, coding and design. Yes it’s for EVERYONE!

Why Tinker?

Not only is tinkering a hands-on activity that is both rewarding and extremely useful, it’s also the process of following one’s curiosities, understanding how something works, and then redesigning for a better outcome – it’s a metaphor for life!

We know kids are natural makers, not consumers, they are creators. We provide unique cross discipline learning that promotes curiosity and real-world problem solving. All of this is done through Self Directed Learning, Project Based Learning and Mentor Guided Experiences.

We can give our children these skills, so they can chip away at how the world works and then help them create pathways to design a better future.



The “digital native” generation is growing up as consumers of technology, not creators of it. Schools have tried to keep pace with the information age, but struggling to provide kids with the tech literacy skills they need to succeed in the new century.


TinkerTank runs open-ended, interest-driven, high tech activities, they love providing this opportunity and creative environment.

When they teach children how to use technology, they not only learn how to build confidence, but they also strengthen problem-solving skills and critical thinking in all Key-Learning Areas. Thousands of kids have gone through their doors to make something and be creative. 

TinkerTank is a Makerspace, it seeks to empower and inspire kids to be makers! They provide the tools, technology and skills for kids to bring their creativity into high tech reality.

There is a high demand for STEAM and STEM to be introduced to Australian students in a fun and engaging way. And because of TinkerTank’s passion and purpose – they’ve nailed this.  

STEAM is the combination of many educational disciplines and is the FUTURE of education…. and WORK!

The education service industry is one of the fastest growing segments in the education market, this is due to the rise in popularity of parents who want to enrich their children’s STEAM education, they want to ensure their kids will be ready for the fourth industrial revolution.

Because of this, TinkerTank has grown rapidly, become popular and their demand is increasing. Currently, this growth has been just word of mouth and community-based, imagine what they could achieve with your investment!

They require funding to set up two new TinkerTanks, consolidate their licensing model, execute their marketing strategy and expand their footprint into the USA.


Michael Priddis is an internationally recognised thought leader on the impact of AI and emerging technologies on The Future of Work, listen to what he says about TinkerTank – A Big Fan!


TT member Xavier gives his insights on why TinkerTank is so cool!

Investing in this unique educational model could ensure an unstoppable legacy for the future of your family and your community.


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