Marketing Your Campaign for Success

Marketing Your Campaign for Success

To ensure your CSF Offer is a success, you will need to prepare several marketing assets to excite and drive engagement, these are important for the EOI and CSF Offer campaigns.

After you have read this, there is a button below, which will take you to a page where you can review the Campaign Timeline and load up the assets required.

Let’s have a look at the process:

  • Read the info below and review the Marketing Campaign Timeline
  • Prepare the assets we request
  • Liaise with FUNDSITION throughout the process
Let’s review the key assets required

Investors now expect video to help them make a more informed and educated decision with with an investors ‘path to invest’.

It is now standard across all Equity Crowdfunding platforms to use video to communicate the narrative and the Offer. The real benefit is that it allows for potential investors to connect with your business and the owners at an emotive level.

To ensure you get value for your investment, we use the following strategy:

  • Produce a flagship video around 180 seconds and can be viewed by the public during the EOI and CSF campaign, its role is to get the potential investor excited about your business and lay the foundation for the ‘Offer’ – its also perfect for advertising the raise through digital channels
  • A nice to have, but not essential, is to produce one or several short ‘Support Videos’ that can be rolled out during the CSF Offer campaign to generate on-going engagement, refer to “What’s Newsworthy” below for some ideas

As you can advertise the offer directly to the public, the video is critical to drive the engagement and interest.

We will provide you with some examples that have worked well.


Imagery is key to telling a visual story about your business, its products, services, industry, people, locations etc. Make sure you have plenty of images that can be used to represent your business and industry.


Graphics are a great way to showcase information about your business, the market and the industry.


Achieving early interest is essential for the success of your raise, we want to make sure that when it goes live, investors will immediately start investing. When potential investors see that the Offer is getting traction, they will be more inclined to invest.

Your database could include:

  • Family and friends
  • Customers you know or already have on your database
  • People from your business network
  • Staff and their colleagues/network
  • Your suppliers and distributors


What’s newsworthy for investor engagement?

The raise process takes time, so we need to be able to keep potential investors engaged throughout the process.

We achieve this by distributing newsworthy content to the investor database on a regular basis, below outlines some types of content that would suit:

  • Any current or previous PR, articles etc
  • Awards, recognition or endorsements
  • Distribution opportunities or contracts
  • Hitting targets and benchmarks outlined in the Offer Doc
  • Innovations, R&D, Patents, IP
  • Business expansion and hiring of key staff
  • Video content

Prior to the Offer going live, we need several pieces of content that can be staggered throughout the raise.

To make sure the content is engaging, we like to include images to support the text or if it’s been hosted elsewhere or it’s a video, then a link is fine.


Live-streaming a webinar is a great way for potential investors to connect with the key people behind the business and get answers to any questions that they may have.

We will livestream via Zoom and organise on your behalf, the benefits are:

  • It gives you the opportunity to provide more insights on your business and the Offer – you will need to prepare a deck
  • It’s a simple platform for potential investors to ask questions
  • It’s recorded so it can be viewed at leisure

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