Offer Document Creator

Offer Document Creator

As part of the process for an Offer Company to meet ASIC’s requirements for Equity Crowdfunding, you must provide an Offer Document. This document contains all of the information required by ASIC, and it also forms the basis for an investor to make a decision on whether to invest.

We have made the process easier for you with our Offer Document creator:

  • Below outlines the content required, you won’t have to provide all of it as some is standard copy and already templated
  • Some areas you will need to provide tables and we have given examples, you will need to upload these, ideally as an excel file
  • Once you have finished section 1 and 2, you will receive an email with section 3 and 4 to complete
  • Once all the sections are completed and submitted, we will export a word doc, which will form the base of your Offer Document
  • You can save, resume and edit your Offer Document

Offer Document Section 1-2