Preparing for your CSF Raise

Preparing for your CSF Raise

To ensure your CSF Offer is a success, it’s vital that you understand the basic requirements and the preparation needed for each stage of the funding journey and beyond. The team at FUNDSITION is here to support and guide you on this journey to ensure you have a compelling Offer to investors.

The three key phases are:

  1. Expression Of Interest – build social currency
  2. The Equity Crowdfunding Raise (CSF Offer) – raise the funds
  3. Ongoing Shareholder Management – manage your shareholders and keep them informed

1. Expression of interest campaign (EOI)

The EOI campaign is used to build some awareness that you are going to raise funds using an Equity Crowdfunding platform, it’s what we call building social currency prior to going live with your raise.

We set the EOI campaign up on the FUNDSITION platform to showcase your coming soon Offer, then you have the opportunity to share it amongst your network to gain interest and we do the same with our network.

 What information is required?
  • Overview – The key narrative
  • The problem you are solving and how you are making a difference
  • Products / services
  • Market overview and opportunity
  • Business model
  • Achievements / milestones
  • Team – short bio on key players and their roles
  • Why Equity Crowdfunding?
  • Powerpoint deck (recommended)

Key Visual Assets

  • Header image – hi res 1700 x 785px
  • Logo .png with transparent background
  • Video (see marketing your campaign)
  • Other hi res images, 5-6
  • Main colour (Hex)
  • Key Team and Board profile images

The above information and assets will also be used for your CSF Offer campaign.

How long do we run the EOI campaign?

The EOI campaign should run for 3-4 weeks.

Getting people to follow your company through the EOI

It’s important that you get people to follow your EOI company so we can collect their name and email, then we can communicate with them as your Offer draws closer to going live.

2. The Equity Crowdfunding Raise (CSF Offer)

There is some key information and documents required for your Equity Crowdfunding raise, the EOI gives you the time to finalise these as you want your CSF Offer to go live straight after the EOI campaign finishes.

What’s required?

CSF Offer Document

A Crowd Sourced Funding (CSF) Offer Document is an official document released by a company issuing shares through a Crowd Sourced Funding investment offer.

Our team at FUNDSITION will guide you through the process of crafting the Offer document.

The document outlines key information about the company and their offer to sell shares. ASIC sets out the minimum required information that must be included in a company’s offer document. Some of the key information specified in an offer document includes, but is not limited to:

  • The company (Who runs it, how long, what industry they’re in etc).
  • The terms of the offer (Minimum investment, how much equity is given up, past raising of the company, valuation, minimum and maximum subscription etc)
  • Corporate structure
  • Constitution and Shareholders agreement
  • Financial records/disclosures
  • What the funds raised will be used for
  • Any other relevant information
  • The risks

To ensure the Offer document is compelling, a well designed document with great imagery is important.

Please download the Offer Document template so you fully understand ASIC’s requirements of what’s to be included.

Click to the button to download the CSF Offer Document template

Due Diligence

As our platform regulated by ASIC, we need to ensure that the Offer Document:

  • Has been reviewed by our team
  • The financials have been reviewed by our in-house accountant
  • Signed off by the directors of the company
  • Signed off by our Responsible Manager


Directors Information

You will also need to provide the following information for your company’s directors:

  • Licence details including front and back image
  • Police check
  • Bankruptcy check

You can access a company that provides these by clicking here

How long do we run the CSF Offer?

The maximum a CSF Offer can run for is 90 days, you must choose a time within that and set the Offer closing date:

  • If the Offer achieves its maximum subscription target prior to the closing date, then the Offer is deemed successful, closed and you receive the funds
  • If the Offer achieves the minimum subscription target within the closing date, then the Offer is deemed successful, the Offer is closed when the closing date expires and you receive the funds

Shareholder management

Shareholder management starts with the investor application process through to the ongoing management of your share registry.

We provide the investor application process that covers the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) information that ASIC requires, there is a small fee for each investor with the KYC component as this has to be checked against Government databases.

Where do the investor funds go?

The investor pays the funds into a Trust Account and they are held there until the Offer is closed, if it is successful then you’ll receive the full funds minus the 5% CSF success fee we charge. If the Offer is unsuccessful, the funds are returned to the investors and we do not receive a CSF success fee.

How do I manage my shareholders?

FUNDSITION has partnered with a Registry service for us to manage the application process and you to manage your shareholders once the Offer is complete, this is a centralised platform that houses all on the investor information and documentation related to your company. It’s also integrated with ASIC so your shareholders records will be automatically updated.

In the case of a CSF Offer there is only one class of shares and they are ordinary shares. It’s also essential to inform ASIC if a company cancels shares, makes changes to the share structure of the company, or issues shares.

Keeping them updated

The platform allows you to keep your shareholders updated on the progress and achievements of your company, which is an excellent marketing opportunity, you want them to be your ambassadors and be out there talking about your company.

They are on the journey with you and you want them to share in your successes, they may also reinvest when you are ready to raise again.

Marketing is critical

Marketing your EOI and your CSF Offer will be critical to its success, click here to learn more about the process

CSF fee structure

To review the fee structure, please click here