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Raise Capital for your SME

The traditional problem that SMEs face when growing their business is access to capital, they’ve historically gone to the banks and they generally require property-backed lending, which can be extremely challenging.

The advantage with the introduction of Crowd-Sourced Funding (CSF), is that you’re actually able to introduce a new class of retail investors class and some of those potential investors may  know and have already dealt with the SME. So one of the big advantages is that SMEs can turn their customers into investors, their investors into customers, and create advocacy within their marketplace.

So, all of that goodwill that has been generated by years of hard work is actually recognised by customers and staff and you’re able to leverage this to create a smooth transition with growing the value of the company for all shareholders. Of course, this is just one of the many examples of how CSF could work for your business.


The introduction of CSF allows SMEs with revenue and net tangible assets under $25 million to raise up to $5 Million of capital per annum from retail investors via our intermediary platform.

We look to fund SMEs with proven track records that have a defined growth strategy to present to potential investors. We are industry agnostic and can fund any established business incorporated in Australia.

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If you are interested in raising capital for your business through FUNDSITION, then we ask you to start the assessment process.

The first step is Expression of Interest Part 1, it’s a short questionnaire and it will give us some preliminary background on your business, once you have submitted this questionnaire, you will receive an email with the next steps.

We look forward to supporting you with our SME Funding process.