Benefiting Better


The following benefits are for Equity Crowdfunding, which could be the right funding strategy for you to grow your company in a multitude of ways and really make a difference quickly. It also gives you the opportunity to connect with like minded socially conscious investors that are only too willing to promote your business.

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Investor and Customer Acquisition

Equity Crowdfunding allows business owners to raise up to $5m funding per year through our licenced FUNDSITION platform.

Prior to the introduction of the Equity Crowdfunding legislation, businesses looking to raise capital were prohibited from advertising the opportunity with potential investors, but now you can.

Develop a compelling marketing campaign with our team to reach that broader investor audience with a multi channel approach.

Customers become investors and investors become customers.

Investor Advocacy

It presents an excellent opportunity to build advocacy, those socially conscious investors become loyalists and a spokesperson for your (their) brand. Also provides the opportunity to turn investors into customers and customers into investors.

Investors can track your progress online and help promote your brand through their networks and social media channels.

Gives your business the opportunity to be funded by a wider number of people from a variety of backgrounds and experience and are aligned to your values.

You may have ideas and a growth strategy that may not appeal to conventional investors and require a more diversified investor audience.

Growth Capital

A fast, seamless and transparent way to get funded and introduce the much needed capital to realise your company's full potential.

Build the business you've always dreamed of without the handcuffs put in place by traditional debt providers.

Use the funds to pursue your growth opportunities and expand into new products and markets.

We are the most cost effective platform, that means more of the funding for your company.

This could be the best approach for your company make a difference.


The money raised is for growth capital only, it cannot be used to fund liabilities such as bank debts or statutory liabilities.

Payments to owners or their related parties of the business are strictly prohibited and we have put in place mandated governance requirements to monitor the use and application of funds by the company, some examples include:

  • New business and growth initiatives
  • Product development and extension
  • Channel partner development and extension
  • Acquisition and expansion into new geographic markets
  • Assets that will drive up valuation of the enterprise
  • Team growth and increase headcount
  • Marketing