Equity Funding to make a difference – workshop

Please review the Powerpoint with some sample content from one of the free workshops we provide, we can deliver these face to face, via zoom, a webinar or whatever suits your organisation.

Contact details are within the presentation, there is a testimonial below and we look forward to a collaboration with your organisation to help businesses do better.


Since meeting Nigel in late 2019 I have worked closely with him on a number of initiatives and innovations related to entrepreneurship, early stage businesses and startups.

Nigel has recently also been appointed to the Board of the Not-for-profit that I founded in 2018.

It’s been personally rewarding to work with Nigel and to experience his creative and innovative thinking capabilities.

His marketing insights have been invaluable to me personally and to SEVENmile Ltd.

Nigel walks-the-talk in terms of backing founders of ventures that have a compelling purpose and mission to make a difference and our world a better place.

Greg Twemlow
SEVENmile Ltd
ABN 72 630 286 636